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Join CareerEx Affiliate Program for free.Earn up to 15% commission on every successful Enrolment that you bring.

How to register yourself?

Joining our Affiliate program is easy, quick and free. Visit our website Careerex CareerEx offers various upskilling courses in emerging technologies and Data Transformation that help Aspirants to increase their employability quotient. You can track your enrolment and earnings through the user credentials provided to you. Earn up to 15% commission on eligible enrolment done through your Unique referral code. What are the benefits of joining the affiliate program? Earn commissions between 5% – 15% on eligible enrolments done by using your referral code. Clean, professionally-designed CareerEx banners and other promotional things. Weekly affiliate newsletters


1.How Commission will be calculated?

1.Commission will be calculated on the Net amount received from the Aspirant enrolling through your unique referral code and commission will be calculated on the basis of enrolment slab you achieve for the calendar month.

2.Can I earn commissions on the eligible enrolment of an aspirant who is already a registered on

2.No, as the referral code needs to be put by aspirant at the time registration only.

3.Can I earn commissions multiple times from a single user?

3.Yes, if the Aspirant undertake multiple courses.

*Commission on eligible enrolments will be credited on 21st of the succeeding month for any calendar month.

*Commission will be paid only if affiliate referral code is mentioned by the aspirant at the time of registration.

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